SAVE Cascadia Chapter – September 14, 2016 Chapter Meeting

SAVE Cascadia Chapter 2016/2017 Board Year: September 14, 2016 Chapter Meeting
Date: September 14, 2016
Location: HDR Offices, Bellevue, WA
Attendees: (See attached list)
Chapter Meeting (6:16 PM to 8:07 PM)

See list of participants. attendees-9-14
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer John Langer reported out for Joel Davis that the Cascadia Chapter account balance was $3,873.43 plus $200.00 in gift certificates to Dukes Chowder House. The Cascadia Chapter contributed $1,000.00 for the new Function Analysis book developed by SAVE. The summary financial statement is attached. financials

Chapter Business:

Encourage Participation:
1. To encouraged greater participation, the group discussed ensuring that the remote meeting technology is working properly to allow people to call into the meeting and participate. One challenge is that if the venue does not have internet that is a problem. Steven Thompson will look further into use of a hot spot. That could limit the use of video or other media that uses significant band width. Steven Thompson noted we have the equipment, we just need to better understand how to set it up and get it going.
2. Meetings will need to start on time. An agenda and cover slide will support having that on the screen to let people know the meeting is started and they are properly connected (Secretary). Steve Thompson has the equipment and will arrange for it to be brought to the meeting and set up.
3. The group discussed holding meetings on the second Wednesday for odd months and Monday evenings for even months to try to improve participation.

Set Up Meetings in Advance:

  • October 10 — Steve Paget with Sezan will arrange for the October meeting at Sezan and will arrange for food. Ann Jamison will confirm with Rahul Nagalkar that to do their presentation from the SAVE Conference. Steve Thompson will work Steve Paget to set up the remote communication system.
  • November 9 —Teresa will check with Vince’s in Renton to see if that venue is available. John Langer will do a presentation on Life Cycle Costing.
  • December 12 — Holiday party —Ann Jamison will work to identify a location for this meeting.
  • January 11 — Blane Long will arrange for the meeting in Lacy at the HDR Offices. Blane will also identify the presentation. Blane will check with Bob Rudd to see if he is available to present the certification changes.

Bylaw Revisions:

The Chapter members would like to review and update the Bylaws. Blane Long will review the Bylaws and bring suggestions for revision considerations to the Board.


News from the 2016 SAVE Value Summit in Niagara Falls:

The Chapter had good attendance at the conference. Certification was a key topic of discussion at the conference. The conference was valuable with some very good presentations and some less so.

New Certification Program Summary

Teresa Platin updated the group on the certification process. There is no CVS Life anymore, there will be no AVS but is replaced by a VMA, there will be one CVS classification. Teresa handed out a paper describing the status of the program and the transitions (attached).

Cascadia Chapter Goals

What does the Chapter want to focus on this year? Steve Thompson proposed identifying a short list of items to address this year and build a work plan for each and follow that.
Ideas added to the list in the agenda:

  • Develop Best Practices Manual for virtual Chapter meetings. This would be a Chapter Project that we can take through the VE process over the year. This could be shared with International for other Chapters to use.
  • Develop a PDH presentation for the new certification program — the members should suggest ideas.

Next Meetings

The October meeting will be a Board and Chapter Meeting. Rahul Nagalkar, Sound Transit Value Engineering Program Manager and member of the SAVE International Board of Directors, along with Ann Jamison of HNTB will present: CONSTRUCT-ABILITY REVIEW: A VALUE ADD IN VALUE ENGINEERING.