SAVE Cascadia Chapter : October 10, 2016 Chapter Meeting

Date: October 10, 2016
Location: Sazan Offices, Seattle, WA
Attendees: (See attached sign in sheet) attendees

Board and Chapter Meeting (6:00PM to 8:27PM)


See attached sign in sheet.

Board Meeting

Virtual Meeting Technology/Best Practices Manual: The Virtual Meeting software was set up and operating. Steven provided the login and password for Cascadia Chapter gmail account and an Outlook account. There was discussion of including that in a central repository ultimately on the SAVE International Cascadia Chapter webpage that is not available at this time.

Bylaw Revisions: Steve reviewed the Bylaws and feels they are accurate. There was discussion of term limits – there may be amendments in the future. Others were encouraged to review the Bylaws for anything that requires updating.

Confirming Location and Program for November 9 Meeting: The location will be Vince’s Restaurant in Renton and John Langer will discuss Life Cycle Costing. Ann Jamison is researching locations for the December Meeting. Blane Long will identify the location for the January meeting in the south Puget Sound.

Chapter Meeting
1. Approve Minutes of September 14th Meeting: The meeting Minutes were approved.

2. Treasurer Report: The treasurer was not in attendance.

3. Summary of the Board Meeting: All at the Chapter Meeting attended to Board meeting so no summary was presented.

Presentation – Randy Barber – Presentation on Certification PDH’s.

The goal of the changes to this process are to become ANSI compliant. VMA has replaced AVS. AVS will need to complete paper work to transfer it to VMA when the AVS expires. CVS will require a base certification that will never expire, but will require the completion of a specified number of PDH’s every two years to retain the CVS. The biannual requirements are likely to be 20 for VMA and 40 for CVS. The logistical details are still being worked out.
There was significant discussion of what the certification and biannual PDH requirements will be. It is all still being worked through and the final requirements are anticipated to be known by June 2017.
Randy Barber outlined the potential sources of PDH’s and asked others to identify more sources. The PDH’s are organized by learning objective. The originally proposed 40 Learning Objectives have been recently decreased to 27 Learning Objectives. Ideally the goal is to identify preapproved courses for people to take. Then they will be able to identify individual activities and apply for acceptance of them. The details of the program are still being worked through. Anyone can suggest specific courses available through other organizations that may qualify as SAVE PDH’s.
Randy covered the currently proposed core competencies (see attached save_cascadia_presentation for the original 40). The presentation generated a great deal of discussion.