SAVE Cascadia Chapter 2016-2017 Board Year Board Meeting October 8, 2017

SAVE Cascadia Chapter Sign-In Sheet_October 2107

Attendees: Steven Sazan, President; Ann Jamison, Secretary; Joel Davis, Treasurer; Trent Eakin, Member-at-Large
Meeting called to order 7:30
1. Introductions
2. Treasurers Report
o Current Balance $5646.47
3. Report from the Chapter Presidents Meeting SAVE Conference
o Brainstorming and discussion of how to grow the Chapter:
– Interview a client about a VE success story, then publish and article
– Focus on the audience for VE, as opposed to practitioners
– Joint Chapter Meetings with other Chapters
– Quarterly mini-conference or presentation
o VP of Marketing Position is available
4. Chapter 2017/18 Focus Areas/Roles and Responsibilities:
• Each Board Member needs to take on organizing each meeting:
o September – Steven will organize the Meeting – Second Wednesday (September 13)
o October –
o November – Trent Eakin at HDR/Steven Topic
o December – Joel will organize
o January – HDR in Olympia – Blane will organize
• Topic Ideas:
o Rahul Nagalkar will try to arrange a project tour of a Sound Transit Project
o Designate a technology officer for the chapter to arrange and operate the telecom equipment.
o Tag into Holly to have a joint meeting with the Alberta people.
o Laurie in Tacoma doing her CMGC presentation
o Ann doing her conference presentation
• Outreach and communications committee
o Outreach to legislature
o Outreach to UW
o Department of Commerce person that Eric Meng knows
5. Action Items
o Eric will send performance measures for VE (Ann will send out)
o Steven Paget will organize the September meeting
o Steven will set the agenda and plan the location or phone information for the 1st Board Meeting in October.
The meeting adjourned at 8:30.
The next meeting will be November 13, 2017