October 14, 2015 Chapter Meeting

Date:  October 14, 2015
Location:  Seattle Best Western Executive Inn, 200 Taylor Ave N, Seattle, WA
Steven W. Thompson (Board V.P.) The Boeing Company
John Langer John Langer Consulting
Steven Paget Sazan Group
Joel Davis Meng Analysis
Bill Hickey Jacobs
Randy Earlywine Seattle Public Utilities
Paul Fuchs The Boeing Company
Anna Bremmer Bremmer Consulting, LLC
Samih Shilbayeh WSDOT
Mike Katani KSA (?)

Chapter Meeting (approximately 7:00 pm start)


See list of attendees above.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer John Langer was unable to attend the Chapter Meeting, but provided a status on available funds. We currently have $6,200 in the bank.


Holiday Party Planning

  • Consider venue on South end of Seattle.
  • Consider non-hotel/restaurant facilities.
  • Budget is flexible.
  • Date should probably be earlier in December.
  • Send out notice to Chapter Membership when date chosen.

Board Elections Timeline

  • Nomination committee typically formed in Feb/March.
  • Elections in April.
  • Results announced in May.
  • Terms begin in June.

Tracking of Action Items from Board and Chapter Meetings

Group discussed keeping better track of action items identified at meetings and improving follow through. It was noted, that we’ve done this at times, but not consistently. Anna indicated that she’d created a template for tracking when she was Secretary, and Steven Thompson asked if Anno would send it to him for use by the Chapter.

Discussion of Health of the Value Profession

  • Observation that quality of applications for CVS and CVS recertification have been very poor, particularly those from US. Out of approximately 20 applications in 2015, only one CVS certification was awarded.
  • Observation that quality of MOD 1 materials submitted for approval has been poor.Program DiscussionProgram: Is it Time for Value Engineering of Value Engineering  Discussion lead by the following Board Members:
    • Steven W. Thompson (SAVE Cascadia Chapter Vice President; Boeing Enterprise Value Engineering Program Leader)
    • John Langer, AVS (SAVE Cascadia Chapter Treasurer; John Langer Consulting)
    • Steven Paget, CVS® (SAVE Cascadia Chapter Board member; Sazan Group)

    These notes only capture part of the program discussion. There was no PPT presentation.

    • Improving Education and Mentoring
    • Engaging college students in the value profession – need for exposure to VM.
    • Discussion of why technologies like Six Sigma, Lean, etc. are thriving, but VM is not.
    • Observation that there is a tendency for VM practitioners to hold their approaches close to the chest and not share their methods; counterintuitively, we will all be more successful if we share methods and promote approaches.
    • Need to find ways to evolve the VM to appeal to the millennial generation.
    • What is Working for WSDOT and SPU Making their VM Programs Work and Remain Viable?
    • WSDOT – strong internal promotion of the program; tracking performance.
    • Do we understand the value proposition well enough to sell it?
    • SPU – some within SPU see the value/benefit in cost savings/ others see the value in intangible benefits to the projects and team.
    • Communicating results of studies.
    • Involvement of stakeholders.