February 10, 2016 SAVE Cascadia Chapter Dinner Meeting

Board Meeting & Chapter Meeting

Date:  February 10, 2016
Location:  Vince’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, 2815 NE Sunset Blvd, Renton, WA
  Blane Long (Board President) HDR
  Steven W. Thompson (Board V.P.) The Boeing Company
  John Langer (Board Treasurer) John Langer Consulting
  Teresa Platin (Board Secretary) HDR
  Rahul Nagalkar Sound Transit
  Ann Jamison HNTB
  Tomi Hume WSDOT
  Eric Benton * Planning & Management Services
  Brewce Larkin Parker Hahn
  Randy Earlywine SPU
  Joel Davis MENG Analysis

* Chapter pays for dinner of first-time meeting attendees, up to $25.

Board Meeting / Chapter Meeting (7:00 – 7:20 pm)


See list of attendees above.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer John Langer reported a balance of $3629.84. John noted that the Holiday Party was a little more expensive than expected, so the Board is considering ways to reduce costs. John is considering hosting the 2016 Holiday party at his house.

We’re also looking at additional venues for dinner meetings, perhaps a community center in Everett for next month ($35/hr rental, bring in pizza?).

Future Meetings

  • March (Everett, TBD) – Nomination Committee needs to be determined for Board Elections. David Hamilton of ESRI has expressed interest in presenting a cost/risk topic during either the March or May meetings. Steve Thompson’s co-worker also expressed interest earlier this year in presenting. Teresa will talk to Steven to work out details of March meeting, but she will be unable to attend.
  • April (Seattle) – Joint AACE/SAVE Meeting scheduled for April. Seattle City Light (Denny Way) may be the topic, but this has yet to be confirmed. Different date? … THURSDAY, April 14, but this needs to be confirmed as well.
  • May (Tacoma) – Board Meeting 5:30 – 6:30. New Board Members will be introduced. Teresa may present a recent unique dual-team VE Study where she and David Hamilton facilitated separate meetings (with assistants Trent Eakin and Tabi Deas, respectively). She needs to check to see if the client is ok with the facilitators conducting this presentation. Ann Jamison will look into whether we can use HNTB’s conference room for this meeting (bring in pizza?) if we choose to hold the meeting in Bellevue, rather than Tacoma.
  • June (Niagara Falls, Canada) – In conjunction with the SAVE International Value Summit (and the Canadian VE organization). Rahul and Ann turned in a paper about constructability and VE. They do not know yet if it was accepted.


Blane noted that Board Terms are expiring for himself and for Michael Schneider.  He reminded the group that serving on a local Chapter Board counts for 4 points every year, or 8 points if the position is an Executive position.

  • General schedule:
  • Nomination committee typically formed in Feb/March.
  • Elections in April.
  • Results announced in May.
  • Terms begin in June.

Blane asked for volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee. Teresa offered to head it up again this year, and Ann Jamison and Tomi Hume later volunteered.

 Round-Robin Discussion on Recent VE Studies

Blane asked the group to give a show of hands to indicate who has performed a VE study in the past month. He asked for a sharing of the good experiences as an educational service for the group.

  • Joel – VE of the most expensive elementary school in WA State. Highlights included structural bridging of 2 elevations.
  • Tomi – WSDOT /City discrepancy in $ on a transportation project. Highlight of VE study was considering a diamond interchange instead of a single point urban connection (SPUI).
  • Blane – VE in Wyoming looked at 2 projects. Blane noted that usually VE teams will fly in a State plane to take a look at project sites, but the plane was down when Blane arrived. While site visits are very important, the “found time” from having to begin early without a field visit was actually beneficial. Saved enough money on the two projects that they could complete both for the price of one.
  • Teresa – Optimization (VE) Study for King County, WA where there were two separately facilitated teams running in parallel with each other.

Certification Changes

  • Group discussed some of the changes that are coming from the Certification Board this summer.
  • Changes are being implemented to allow for a more competency-based approach (using PDUs, etc.). Many of the changes will be put into motion this spring/summer. For instance, the AVS title will be going away, with VMA being the nearest equivalent. There will be “grandfathering in” of certain certifications. It was mentioned that people will not lose their AVS points if theyr’e on the cusp of transitioning to CVS®. CVS®-Life designation will go away, with no knew ones being instated by 2020.
  • The Certification Board is listening to members’ concerns.

Presentation (7:30 – approximately 8:30 pm)

Applicability of Value Engineering to Rail Projects in the Conceptual Design and Preliminary Engineering Phase

Presentation by:

  • Rahul Nagalkar, CVS®, (Sound Transit Value Engineering Program Manager).
  • Ann Jamison, AICP, AVS (Vice President, HNTB Corporation)