SAVE Cascadia Chapter 2016/2017 Board Year: November 9, 2016 Chapter Meeting

Date: November 9, 2016
Location: Vince’s Italian, Renton, WA
Attendees: (See SAVE Cascadia Chapter Sign-In Sheet_2106 November )

Board and Chapter Meeting (Board Meeting 6:25 PM to 7:25PM)


Board Meeting

  1. Approve Minutes of October 10th Meeting: The meeting Minutes were approved.


  1. Treasurer Report: The balance in October was $5,145, after expenses the November balance will be $4,980.  Other chapters seem to have larger balances and Joel will research how they are operating their events. Joel is researching how the Chapter can set up to reimburse people for expenses and collect payments. Joel will report back at a future meeting.  Consideration of having a petty cash fund to reimburse free meals for speakers and new attendees.


John Langer brought up a suggestion to get a hot spot to facilitate virtual meetings when there isn’t WIFI available at the venue.  Steve Thompson will look further into the hot spot expenses.  Consideration of a pay as you go hot spot.


The group selected the Saison option/Hors de oeuvres and dessert with no bar or tour with an approximate cost $1,600 if 25 people attend.


  1. Future Events


Joel -January – performance measures (panel with Rahul, Mark Gable, WSDOT, Laurie Caltrans and maybe Randy Earlywine would be a good future speaker). January meeting at Meng Offices.


Joint Meeting with AACE – John Boatman will coordinate with the AACE Board about a joint event in April or May


Blane – February in the south (Confirm)


Possible group discussion meeting with Teresa on resiliency planning (Steve Kirk has a presentation for Teresa to check into) – possible spring event.

Joel suggested doing a presentation to the UW students of the value program


    1. Summary of the Board Meeting: All at the Chapter Meeting attended to Board meeting so no summary was presented.

Chapter Meeting

Meeting closed at 7:25

Presentation – John Langer, Life Cycle Costing Presentation_November 2016

Board Minutes and Chapter Meeting Minutes from February 2014

Board Meeting
February 12, 2014
Blane Long, Vice President
John Langer, Treasurer
Michael Schneider, Secretary
Anna Bremmer
Steven Paget


Board elections are required. The President must appoint a nominating committee. The committee can be board or non-board members. Nominations for officers and board members are in March, elections are in April, and installations are in June. Anna Bremmer and Teresa Platin have expressed willingness to serve on the nominating committee. Michael Schneider will notify Rahul Nagalkars, President.

Concerning chapter nominations for SAVE awards such as Rising Star, individual members should feel free to nominate members of their choosing based on criteria and details posted on SAVE International’s Website.

Future meetings with other professional societies were recommended. John Langer will follow up with PMI and Teresa Platin will follow up with AWRA.

Chapter meeting presentations coming up will be organized by John Langer on March 12 and Blane Long on April 9.

Concerning meeting venues, the chapter will pay any additional costs for minimums, room charges, and equipment charges.

Current value of our checking account is $ 7,610.52.

The board meeting adjourned for the general meeting.

Chapter Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2014
Blane Long
John Langer
Michael Schneider
Anna Bremmer
Steven Paget
Teresa Platin
Jeff McAuliffe (Speaker)

Following dinner, Jeff McAuliffe provided a presentation and led discussions with Steven Paget on LEAN and Value Analysis. PDFs of the PPT Presentation is posted here.Lean & VA Presentation 2.12.14