SAVE Cascadia Chapter 2016-2017 Board Year February 9 2017 Chapter Meeting

Date: February 9, 2017
Location: Best Western Plus Executive Inn, 200 Taylor Avenue N., Seattle, WA,
Attendees: (See attached sign in sheet)

Chapter Meeting (5:00PM to 7:35 PM)


SAVE Cascadia Chapter Sign-In Sheet_2107_February

Chapter Meeting

This was a Joint Meeting with AACE. There was no Board meeting.

  1. Networking
  2. Technical_Presentation_ SAVE Cascadia Chapter- Feb 9 2017
    1. David Hamilton, Hamilton Risk-Value presented on Numerical Bias of Construction/Risk Teams vs Project Actual Bid Results.


The scope of this presentation explores the dynamics of risk identification, risk distribution types (Normal, BetaPert, etc.) and the resulting impact upon design teams, project budgets and owners. A case study of a water treatment plant project will highlight the risk bias and the intricate effects upon the design team and owner PM staff from final document preparation through bidding. The positive result in the industry is that more risks are being identified, addressed and mitigation measures initiated prior to bidding. The PowerPoint presentation is attached.

Board Meeting

There was no Board meeting at this Joint SAVE/AACE Meeting.


SAVE Cascadia Chapter 2016/2017 Board Year: January, 2017 Chapter Meeting

Date:  January 24, 2017
Location:  Hainline Offices, Seattle, WA
Attendees: (See attached sign in sheet)

Board and Chapter Meeting (5:00PM to 7:37PM)


SAVE Cascadia Chapter Sign-In Sheet_2017 January

Chapter Meeting

  1. Networking
  2. Presentation

Pat Miller – Performance Measures

Pat Miller of RHA, LLC presented on Performance Measures.  Performance (function)-based Decision Making-January 2017

Board Meeting    (Board meeting Opened at 7:23 and closed at 7:37)

  • Treasurers Report – Joel Davis informed us the Chapter has $4,035.50 in the Treasury
  • Opening a petty cash account – The Board discussed opening a Pretty Cash account to provide immediate reimbursement for small expenses.  Larger expenses will be reimbursed with receipts submitted to SAVE International.  It was unanimously agreed that a Petty Cash Fund of $250.00 would be opened by the Treasurer.
  • Outreach to UW Engineering Students about VE – This item was delayed for discussion at a later meeting.
  • PDH training planning for next year – This item was delayed for discussion at a later meeting.
  • Best Practices Manual for Virtual Meetings – This item was delayed for discussion at a later meeting.
  • Expanding participation in the Chapter – This item was delayed for discussion at a later meeting.
  • It was noted that Officer Nominations are commonly completed in March with Elections in April.  The March meeting is in Olympia, which may make nominations difficult.  Teresa Platin and Steven Thompson’s terms are up in 2017.

Future Meetings:

  • Joint Meeting with AACEI – February 9, 2017 (sponsor John Boatman)
  • March 8th Meeting – In Olympia Region (Sponsor Blane Long)
  • April 10, 2017 – NEED A SPONSOR, SPEAKER and LOCATION – Teresa Platin noted she would ID a location and potential topic for this meeting.



SAVE Cascadia Chapter 2016/2017 Board Year: December 12, 2016 Chapter Meeting – Holiday Party

Date:  December 12, 2016
Location:  Rock Bottom Brewery, Seattle, WA
Attendees: (See attached sign in sheet)

Board and Chapter Meeting (5:30 to 8:15)


SAVE Cascadia Chapter Sign-In Sheet_2106_December

Board Meeting

This was the Chapter Holiday Party and No Board Meeting was held.

Chapter Meeting:


Steven Thompson Greeted everyone, outlined a few of our future meeting presentations and wished everyone a great holiday season.  The party was enjoyed by all.


Presentation – There was no presentation

SAVE Cascadia Chapter 2016/2017 Board Year: November 9, 2016 Chapter Meeting

Date: November 9, 2016
Location: Vince’s Italian, Renton, WA
Attendees: (See SAVE Cascadia Chapter Sign-In Sheet_2106 November )

Board and Chapter Meeting (Board Meeting 6:25 PM to 7:25PM)


Board Meeting

  1. Approve Minutes of October 10th Meeting: The meeting Minutes were approved.


  1. Treasurer Report: The balance in October was $5,145, after expenses the November balance will be $4,980.  Other chapters seem to have larger balances and Joel will research how they are operating their events. Joel is researching how the Chapter can set up to reimburse people for expenses and collect payments. Joel will report back at a future meeting.  Consideration of having a petty cash fund to reimburse free meals for speakers and new attendees.


John Langer brought up a suggestion to get a hot spot to facilitate virtual meetings when there isn’t WIFI available at the venue.  Steve Thompson will look further into the hot spot expenses.  Consideration of a pay as you go hot spot.


The group selected the Saison option/Hors de oeuvres and dessert with no bar or tour with an approximate cost $1,600 if 25 people attend.


  1. Future Events


Joel -January – performance measures (panel with Rahul, Mark Gable, WSDOT, Laurie Caltrans and maybe Randy Earlywine would be a good future speaker). January meeting at Meng Offices.


Joint Meeting with AACE – John Boatman will coordinate with the AACE Board about a joint event in April or May


Blane – February in the south (Confirm)


Possible group discussion meeting with Teresa on resiliency planning (Steve Kirk has a presentation for Teresa to check into) – possible spring event.

Joel suggested doing a presentation to the UW students of the value program


    1. Summary of the Board Meeting: All at the Chapter Meeting attended to Board meeting so no summary was presented.

Chapter Meeting

Meeting closed at 7:25

Presentation – John Langer, Life Cycle Costing Presentation_November 2016

Cascadia SAVE Chapter Meeting June 6, 2016, held at the SAVE International Value Summit, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Attendees: Rahul Nagalkar; Ravyn Whitewolf; Randy Barber; Ann Jamison; Brewce Larkin; Anna Bremmer; Joel Davis; Laurie Dennis; Steven Paget

Went through introductions and welcomed Ravyn Whitewolf, a new attendee.

Welcomed Ann Jamison and Joel Davis as newly elected board members.

Noted that Blane Long will be sending out an email later this month to coordinate with board members the selection of new officers.

Acknowledged the unexpected passing of Don Owings and his contribution to the chapter. Noted that Don’s position as board member at-large would need to be filled for the balance of his term, 2 years.


Treasurer’s report – $3,566 in the account; down from previous years; recently contributed to the publication of the Function Analysis Guide by Miles Foundation and SAVE International.


Next board and chapter meeting will be in September.


Discussed goals, desires and plans for the coming year:


December holiday season get together – discussed possibly shifting to January, which was met with a favorable response from those present. Change in month was in response to the difficulty and cost of finding a venue in December. Joel indicated that he would help organize the event with someone else – volunteer needed.


Discussed changing the monthly chapter meeting night to accommodate those who could not come on the usual second Wednesday of the month. Desire was for a consistent day of the month, but flexibility on which day. Agreed that a doodle poll should be taken to determine the day which suits most people’s availability. Action needed by the secretary to set up and run the doodle poll.


Discussed use of video conferencing for those unable to attend meetings in person, use of the computer and webcam equipment the chapter has purchased, and that the issue has been internet connectivity at the meeting venues. Noted that for a video conference service, SAVE International may have conference number that is available – needs to be investigated. For venues, needs to be a relative quiet venue. Suggestions included the use of member conference rooms, e.g. Sound Transit, Meng Analysis, Sazan Group, HNTB, etc., for meetings after business hours and possibly other times of the day. Option to order in food versus going to a restaurant.  Overall, preference is to have a balance of meeting venues between north/central/south Puget Sound.


Joel presented the intention to renew and implement the Chapter plan initiated several years ago to track and report results of VA/VE studies to the State of Washington, i.e., agencies such as OSPI, OFM, Legislature, TI
B, etc. to demonstrate the benefits of the value methodology. Discussed the tracking of study results and performance metrics. Joel explained that a set of metrics had been defined and agreed on by the Chapter, but only Meng Analysis has been consistently tracking as far as he knows. Discussion touched on the challenge of definable, consistent metrics, of getting results from clients, etc. It was noted that the approach should be kept simple to help ensure that it happens. Should be metrics that are standardized and which government decision makers are used to seeing. Suggestion made to do little case studies on individual alternatives – what the alternative is, results and benefits – tell the story of how VM helped achieve an improvement. It was pointed out that case studies and tracking of metrics are different ideas, both with merit and worth doing. General agreement that we would proceed with implementing both a metrics and a case study project to collect and communicate study results. Joel volunteered to be the metrics champion and Ann volunteered to be the case study champion. It was suggested that chapter awards could be given to individuals or firms that have reported.


Discussed the importance of continuing to do outreach and mixing with other organizations as was done last year.


For upcoming presentations, Ann and Rahul agreed to do their presentation being given at the conference on VE and Constructability. Randy and Anna agreed to do a presentation on the changes in certification, core competencies and earning professional development hours. As a side note, it was mentioned that we should tailor our monthly presentations to qualify to earn PDHs.


The meeting was chaired and notes prepared by Steven Paget – please direct any corrections to him at

SAVE Cascadia Chapter : October 10, 2016 Chapter Meeting

Date: October 10, 2016
Location: Sazan Offices, Seattle, WA
Attendees: (See attached sign in sheet) attendees

Board and Chapter Meeting (6:00PM to 8:27PM)


See attached sign in sheet.

Board Meeting

Virtual Meeting Technology/Best Practices Manual: The Virtual Meeting software was set up and operating. Steven provided the login and password for Cascadia Chapter gmail account and an Outlook account. There was discussion of including that in a central repository ultimately on the SAVE International Cascadia Chapter webpage that is not available at this time.

Bylaw Revisions: Steve reviewed the Bylaws and feels they are accurate. There was discussion of term limits – there may be amendments in the future. Others were encouraged to review the Bylaws for anything that requires updating.

Confirming Location and Program for November 9 Meeting: The location will be Vince’s Restaurant in Renton and John Langer will discuss Life Cycle Costing. Ann Jamison is researching locations for the December Meeting. Blane Long will identify the location for the January meeting in the south Puget Sound.

Chapter Meeting
1. Approve Minutes of September 14th Meeting: The meeting Minutes were approved.

2. Treasurer Report: The treasurer was not in attendance.

3. Summary of the Board Meeting: All at the Chapter Meeting attended to Board meeting so no summary was presented.

Presentation – Randy Barber – Presentation on Certification PDH’s.

The goal of the changes to this process are to become ANSI compliant. VMA has replaced AVS. AVS will need to complete paper work to transfer it to VMA when the AVS expires. CVS will require a base certification that will never expire, but will require the completion of a specified number of PDH’s every two years to retain the CVS. The biannual requirements are likely to be 20 for VMA and 40 for CVS. The logistical details are still being worked out.
There was significant discussion of what the certification and biannual PDH requirements will be. It is all still being worked through and the final requirements are anticipated to be known by June 2017.
Randy Barber outlined the potential sources of PDH’s and asked others to identify more sources. The PDH’s are organized by learning objective. The originally proposed 40 Learning Objectives have been recently decreased to 27 Learning Objectives. Ideally the goal is to identify preapproved courses for people to take. Then they will be able to identify individual activities and apply for acceptance of them. The details of the program are still being worked through. Anyone can suggest specific courses available through other organizations that may qualify as SAVE PDH’s.
Randy covered the currently proposed core competencies (see attached save_cascadia_presentation for the original 40). The presentation generated a great deal of discussion.

SAVE Cascadia Chapter – September 14, 2016 Chapter Meeting

SAVE Cascadia Chapter 2016/2017 Board Year: September 14, 2016 Chapter Meeting
Date: September 14, 2016
Location: HDR Offices, Bellevue, WA
Attendees: (See attached list)
Chapter Meeting (6:16 PM to 8:07 PM)

See list of participants. attendees-9-14
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer John Langer reported out for Joel Davis that the Cascadia Chapter account balance was $3,873.43 plus $200.00 in gift certificates to Dukes Chowder House. The Cascadia Chapter contributed $1,000.00 for the new Function Analysis book developed by SAVE. The summary financial statement is attached. financials

Chapter Business:

Encourage Participation:
1. To encouraged greater participation, the group discussed ensuring that the remote meeting technology is working properly to allow people to call into the meeting and participate. One challenge is that if the venue does not have internet that is a problem. Steven Thompson will look further into use of a hot spot. That could limit the use of video or other media that uses significant band width. Steven Thompson noted we have the equipment, we just need to better understand how to set it up and get it going.
2. Meetings will need to start on time. An agenda and cover slide will support having that on the screen to let people know the meeting is started and they are properly connected (Secretary). Steve Thompson has the equipment and will arrange for it to be brought to the meeting and set up.
3. The group discussed holding meetings on the second Wednesday for odd months and Monday evenings for even months to try to improve participation.

Set Up Meetings in Advance:

  • October 10 — Steve Paget with Sezan will arrange for the October meeting at Sezan and will arrange for food. Ann Jamison will confirm with Rahul Nagalkar that to do their presentation from the SAVE Conference. Steve Thompson will work Steve Paget to set up the remote communication system.
  • November 9 —Teresa will check with Vince’s in Renton to see if that venue is available. John Langer will do a presentation on Life Cycle Costing.
  • December 12 — Holiday party —Ann Jamison will work to identify a location for this meeting.
  • January 11 — Blane Long will arrange for the meeting in Lacy at the HDR Offices. Blane will also identify the presentation. Blane will check with Bob Rudd to see if he is available to present the certification changes.

Bylaw Revisions:

The Chapter members would like to review and update the Bylaws. Blane Long will review the Bylaws and bring suggestions for revision considerations to the Board.


News from the 2016 SAVE Value Summit in Niagara Falls:

The Chapter had good attendance at the conference. Certification was a key topic of discussion at the conference. The conference was valuable with some very good presentations and some less so.

New Certification Program Summary

Teresa Platin updated the group on the certification process. There is no CVS Life anymore, there will be no AVS but is replaced by a VMA, there will be one CVS classification. Teresa handed out a paper describing the status of the program and the transitions (attached).

Cascadia Chapter Goals

What does the Chapter want to focus on this year? Steve Thompson proposed identifying a short list of items to address this year and build a work plan for each and follow that.
Ideas added to the list in the agenda:

  • Develop Best Practices Manual for virtual Chapter meetings. This would be a Chapter Project that we can take through the VE process over the year. This could be shared with International for other Chapters to use.
  • Develop a PDH presentation for the new certification program — the members should suggest ideas.

Next Meetings

The October meeting will be a Board and Chapter Meeting. Rahul Nagalkar, Sound Transit Value Engineering Program Manager and member of the SAVE International Board of Directors, along with Ann Jamison of HNTB will present: CONSTRUCT-ABILITY REVIEW: A VALUE ADD IN VALUE ENGINEERING.


March 9, 2016 Chapter Meeting

Date:  March 9, 2015
Location:  Rose Hill Community Center, Mukilteo, WA


David Hamilton Hamilton Risk+Value Consultants
Steven W. Thompson (Board VP) The Boeing Company
Steven Paget (Board Member) Sazan
Joel Davis Meng
Bruce Larkin Parker Hannifin Corporation
Eric Benton PMSVS

Chapter Meeting (6:30 – 7:30 pm)


See list of participants.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer John Langer was not in attendance, but Steven Paget reported out for him that the Cascadia Chapter account balance is in the range of $6,500 – $7,500.


Nominating Committee
Tomi Hume and Ann Jamison volunteered to help Teresa Platin. We will have a Nominating Committee Meeting in the next couple of weeks. We have had two people express interest in being nominated … Ann Jamison and Joel Davis. We’ll put out a formal call for nominations via e-mail. All nominees will be asked to provide a brief bio for inclusion in the election material. A Survey Monkey ballot similar to last year’s will be sent to all active Cascadia Chapter Members.

Blaine Long and Michael Schneider are outgoing Board members. Nominations are to happen in March per the Chapter Bylaws, however, it is likely that nominations will be due in April with elections later in April, or May. The new Board members will be installed at the June meeting.


Next Meetings

The April Meeting will be a joint meeting with AACE on a THURSDAY (April 14). The location and topic have yet to be set, but Blane and Teresa will work with AACE contact John Newman of Sound Transit to work out the details.  The May meeting will be held in Bellevue at HNTB on the regular Weds, and the June meeting will be held during the Value Summit in Niagara Falls, Canada.


Chapter Representatives at the SAVE Annual Business Meeting
A representative and an alternate representative are needed to represent the Chapter at the Annual Business Meeting held Sunday, June 5, 5-6 PM at the Annual Conference. Another notice needs to be sent to determine who is able to be a representative. Need to confirm that Blane Long will be attending the Conference and will be attending the Chapter Presidents Meeting on Tuesday, June 7, 7-8 AM, or identify who can stand in if Blane will not be attending.


Attendee Sharing

Meeting attendees shared about recent VE related experiences and lessons learned. The group had a lively discussion about the issues encountered and the lessons learned.



Presentation (7:30 – 8:30 pm)

SAVE Presentation_March 2016

David Hamilton gave an informative presentation on the use of construction risk analysis as a VE tool and the application of Monte Carlo-based risk analysis software. David started by discussing the relationship between risk and value optimization as the rationale for incorporating risk analysis into VE studies. He outlined several goals or risk analysis actions which can be implemented as part of a VE study. David described qualitative risk analysis, semi-quantitative risk analysis, and quantitative risk analysis. He explained the difference between uncertainty and risk events and how each are addressed in risk analysis. David then went into detail on the use of a Monte Carlo-based quantitative analysis to determine risk, and provided an overview of the steps in preparing a Monte Carlo analysis using computer software. He explained that with computer modeling of risk, it is now possible to look at multiple variables and access risk relative to cost and schedule. David presented several case studies of construction risk analysis undertaken as part of a VE study or as an independent study using elements of the value methodology. The presentation concluded with a review of lessons learned, followed by Q&A.


David’s presentation slides, available on the Cascadia SAVE Chapter website, are well prepared and include information graphics.



Special thanks to Board Member Steven Paget for taking these notes on behalf of our Secretary this month.

February 10, 2016 SAVE Cascadia Chapter Dinner Meeting

Board Meeting & Chapter Meeting

Date:  February 10, 2016
Location:  Vince’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, 2815 NE Sunset Blvd, Renton, WA
  Blane Long (Board President) HDR
  Steven W. Thompson (Board V.P.) The Boeing Company
  John Langer (Board Treasurer) John Langer Consulting
  Teresa Platin (Board Secretary) HDR
  Rahul Nagalkar Sound Transit
  Ann Jamison HNTB
  Tomi Hume WSDOT
  Eric Benton * Planning & Management Services
  Brewce Larkin Parker Hahn
  Randy Earlywine SPU
  Joel Davis MENG Analysis

* Chapter pays for dinner of first-time meeting attendees, up to $25.

Board Meeting / Chapter Meeting (7:00 – 7:20 pm)


See list of attendees above.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer John Langer reported a balance of $3629.84. John noted that the Holiday Party was a little more expensive than expected, so the Board is considering ways to reduce costs. John is considering hosting the 2016 Holiday party at his house.

We’re also looking at additional venues for dinner meetings, perhaps a community center in Everett for next month ($35/hr rental, bring in pizza?).

Future Meetings

  • March (Everett, TBD) – Nomination Committee needs to be determined for Board Elections. David Hamilton of ESRI has expressed interest in presenting a cost/risk topic during either the March or May meetings. Steve Thompson’s co-worker also expressed interest earlier this year in presenting. Teresa will talk to Steven to work out details of March meeting, but she will be unable to attend.
  • April (Seattle) – Joint AACE/SAVE Meeting scheduled for April. Seattle City Light (Denny Way) may be the topic, but this has yet to be confirmed. Different date? … THURSDAY, April 14, but this needs to be confirmed as well.
  • May (Tacoma) – Board Meeting 5:30 – 6:30. New Board Members will be introduced. Teresa may present a recent unique dual-team VE Study where she and David Hamilton facilitated separate meetings (with assistants Trent Eakin and Tabi Deas, respectively). She needs to check to see if the client is ok with the facilitators conducting this presentation. Ann Jamison will look into whether we can use HNTB’s conference room for this meeting (bring in pizza?) if we choose to hold the meeting in Bellevue, rather than Tacoma.
  • June (Niagara Falls, Canada) – In conjunction with the SAVE International Value Summit (and the Canadian VE organization). Rahul and Ann turned in a paper about constructability and VE. They do not know yet if it was accepted.


Blane noted that Board Terms are expiring for himself and for Michael Schneider.  He reminded the group that serving on a local Chapter Board counts for 4 points every year, or 8 points if the position is an Executive position.

  • General schedule:
  • Nomination committee typically formed in Feb/March.
  • Elections in April.
  • Results announced in May.
  • Terms begin in June.

Blane asked for volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee. Teresa offered to head it up again this year, and Ann Jamison and Tomi Hume later volunteered.

 Round-Robin Discussion on Recent VE Studies

Blane asked the group to give a show of hands to indicate who has performed a VE study in the past month. He asked for a sharing of the good experiences as an educational service for the group.

  • Joel – VE of the most expensive elementary school in WA State. Highlights included structural bridging of 2 elevations.
  • Tomi – WSDOT /City discrepancy in $ on a transportation project. Highlight of VE study was considering a diamond interchange instead of a single point urban connection (SPUI).
  • Blane – VE in Wyoming looked at 2 projects. Blane noted that usually VE teams will fly in a State plane to take a look at project sites, but the plane was down when Blane arrived. While site visits are very important, the “found time” from having to begin early without a field visit was actually beneficial. Saved enough money on the two projects that they could complete both for the price of one.
  • Teresa – Optimization (VE) Study for King County, WA where there were two separately facilitated teams running in parallel with each other.

Certification Changes

  • Group discussed some of the changes that are coming from the Certification Board this summer.
  • Changes are being implemented to allow for a more competency-based approach (using PDUs, etc.). Many of the changes will be put into motion this spring/summer. For instance, the AVS title will be going away, with VMA being the nearest equivalent. There will be “grandfathering in” of certain certifications. It was mentioned that people will not lose their AVS points if theyr’e on the cusp of transitioning to CVS®. CVS®-Life designation will go away, with no knew ones being instated by 2020.
  • The Certification Board is listening to members’ concerns.

Presentation (7:30 – approximately 8:30 pm)

Applicability of Value Engineering to Rail Projects in the Conceptual Design and Preliminary Engineering Phase

Presentation by:

  • Rahul Nagalkar, CVS®, (Sound Transit Value Engineering Program Manager).
  • Ann Jamison, AICP, AVS (Vice President, HNTB Corporation)

January 13, 2016 SAVE Cascadia Chapter Meeting

Date: January 13, 2016
Location: Cheers Restaurant, 5805 Lacey Boulevard SE, Lacey, WA
Blane Long (Board President) HDR
Steven W. Thompson (Board V.P.) The Boeing Company
Tomi Hume WSDOT
Anna Bremmer Bremmer Consulting, LLC
Ken Smith HDR
Paul Fuchs The Boeing Company
Joel Davis Meng Analysis
Dick Eitel Everett Engineering, Inc.

Chapter Meeting (6:30 – 7:30 pm)
See list of attendees above.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer John Langer was not in attendance, but President Blane Long reported out for him. The Cascadia Chapter account balance was $3,654.84 as of January 3, 2016.
Chapter Holiday Party
Last month’s Holiday Party was a success. The get-together was held at Duke’s Chowder House in Southcenter.
Certification Board Update
Anna Bremmer, CVS®, gave a briefing on the recent SAVE Certification Board Meeting.

Venue Logistics
When verifying a restaurant/room for dinner meetings, we need to make sure that wi-fi is available.

Upcoming Meetings
• February (Seattle, TBD) – Board Meeting 5:30 – 6:30; Rahul Nagalkar, Sound Transit Value Engineering Program manager and member of the SAVE International Board of Directors, along with Ann Jamison of HNTB will present “Applicability of Value Engineering to Rail Projects in the Conceptual Design and Preliminary Engineering Phase”.
• March (Everett, TBD) – Nomination Committee needs to be determined for Board Elections. David Hamilton of ESRI has expressed interest in presenting a cost/risk topic during either the March or May meetings.
• April (Seattle) – Joint AACE/SAVE Meeting scheduled for April. Seattle City Light may be the topic, but this has yet to be confirmed. Date needs to be confirmed as well, but it will likely be THURSDAY, April 14.
• May (Tacoma) – Board Meeting 5:30 – 6:30. New Board Members will be introduced.
• June (Niagara Falls, Canada) – In conjunction with the SAVE International Value Summit (and the Canadian VE organization).
Presentation (7:30 – 8:30 pm)
What Do Our Customers Really Want?
Presentation by Blane Long, CVS®, (SAVE Cascadia Chapter President, Senior Value Engineer at HDR).
Whether you’ve just been hired to conduct a VE study, are running one for your own agency, or are doing the hiring of a VE facilitator – you need to know the answer to this important question. What are the outcomes, processes, tangibles and intangibles alike that we want out of VE studies? Blane led an open discussion on how to deliver a VE Study that will give owners what they need to be successful.

Special thanks to President Blane Long for providing these meeting minutes on behalf of our Secretary.