Cascadia SAVE Chapter Meeting June 6, 2016, held at the SAVE International Value Summit, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Attendees: Rahul Nagalkar; Ravyn Whitewolf; Randy Barber; Ann Jamison; Brewce Larkin; Anna Bremmer; Joel Davis; Laurie Dennis; Steven Paget

Went through introductions and welcomed Ravyn Whitewolf, a new attendee.

Welcomed Ann Jamison and Joel Davis as newly elected board members.

Noted that Blane Long will be sending out an email later this month to coordinate with board members the selection of new officers.

Acknowledged the unexpected passing of Don Owings and his contribution to the chapter. Noted that Don’s position as board member at-large would need to be filled for the balance of his term, 2 years.


Treasurer’s report – $3,566 in the account; down from previous years; recently contributed to the publication of the Function Analysis Guide by Miles Foundation and SAVE International.


Next board and chapter meeting will be in September.


Discussed goals, desires and plans for the coming year:


December holiday season get together – discussed possibly shifting to January, which was met with a favorable response from those present. Change in month was in response to the difficulty and cost of finding a venue in December. Joel indicated that he would help organize the event with someone else – volunteer needed.


Discussed changing the monthly chapter meeting night to accommodate those who could not come on the usual second Wednesday of the month. Desire was for a consistent day of the month, but flexibility on which day. Agreed that a doodle poll should be taken to determine the day which suits most people’s availability. Action needed by the secretary to set up and run the doodle poll.


Discussed use of video conferencing for those unable to attend meetings in person, use of the computer and webcam equipment the chapter has purchased, and that the issue has been internet connectivity at the meeting venues. Noted that for a video conference service, SAVE International may have conference number that is available – needs to be investigated. For venues, needs to be a relative quiet venue. Suggestions included the use of member conference rooms, e.g. Sound Transit, Meng Analysis, Sazan Group, HNTB, etc., for meetings after business hours and possibly other times of the day. Option to order in food versus going to a restaurant.  Overall, preference is to have a balance of meeting venues between north/central/south Puget Sound.


Joel presented the intention to renew and implement the Chapter plan initiated several years ago to track and report results of VA/VE studies to the State of Washington, i.e., agencies such as OSPI, OFM, Legislature, TI
B, etc. to demonstrate the benefits of the value methodology. Discussed the tracking of study results and performance metrics. Joel explained that a set of metrics had been defined and agreed on by the Chapter, but only Meng Analysis has been consistently tracking as far as he knows. Discussion touched on the challenge of definable, consistent metrics, of getting results from clients, etc. It was noted that the approach should be kept simple to help ensure that it happens. Should be metrics that are standardized and which government decision makers are used to seeing. Suggestion made to do little case studies on individual alternatives – what the alternative is, results and benefits – tell the story of how VM helped achieve an improvement. It was pointed out that case studies and tracking of metrics are different ideas, both with merit and worth doing. General agreement that we would proceed with implementing both a metrics and a case study project to collect and communicate study results. Joel volunteered to be the metrics champion and Ann volunteered to be the case study champion. It was suggested that chapter awards could be given to individuals or firms that have reported.


Discussed the importance of continuing to do outreach and mixing with other organizations as was done last year.


For upcoming presentations, Ann and Rahul agreed to do their presentation being given at the conference on VE and Constructability. Randy and Anna agreed to do a presentation on the changes in certification, core competencies and earning professional development hours. As a side note, it was mentioned that we should tailor our monthly presentations to qualify to earn PDHs.


The meeting was chaired and notes prepared by Steven Paget – please direct any corrections to him at